book club: f*ck i’m in my twenties

a book so relatable, it may cause you to believe inception is real.

by ali hoffman

Whether in Hollywood or on Broadway, the book always precedes the final production.

Ironically, the same does not go for the internet- in fact, it's often the reverse.

Enter F*CK! I'm In My Twenties, the latest addition to the blog-turned-book fad (see Feminist Ryan Gosling, Paris Versus New York, etc.).

Written (and drawn!) by Emma Koenig, the book is a curated selection of the best posts from her crazy-popular blog. Featuring doodles, lists and flow-chats, each entry takes less than a minute to read, each focusing on the random/true/important facets of being a twenty-something in today's society. And don't be fooled by the witty wording and friendly doodles- each page alone will likely leave you wondering things like, "Why does this person know the inner-workings of my life so well?" OR  "Wow, my life is just one big cliche!"  OR "What the hell is wrong the everybody?!"

Don't worry, each of these reactions are totally normal.

And if you're asking yourself, "Why should I buy this when I can just read the same stuff on the blog for free," we get where you're coming from. But here's our rebuttal: This book is like keeping a tray of brownies on your cookie table; it's completely irresistible, and will leave your guests chatty and satisfied.

Order your copy here ($9.95) & Watch the awesome teaser below!