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by liza darwin

Self-made 'zines go from the underground to your coffee table in Fanzines: the D.I.Y. Revolution. Stocked with 250 pages of images, this massive book is an awesome look back at the 70+ year history of the niche art form.

From the totally obscure, like Ruptured Ambitions, to the more well-known, like Bust and ROCKRGRL, each page shows how the different fanzines were a commentary on pop culture, whether it's the '80s club scene or animal rights.

And although flipping through the book makes us seriously nostalgic for the D.I.Y era, the last chapter, "Contemporary Fanzines," proves that fanzines haven't become extinct, exactly-they're just changing with the times.

Who knows? After reading, you might suddenly become inspired to stash the computer, grab some scissors, and make one yourself.

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