learn about your polaroid, inside and out.

by faran krentcil

Our obsession with Polaroid and instant film photographs knows no bounds, but if you dream of getting the perfect white-bordered, light-leaked photo and don't have a camera yet, what then? You can root through the heaps of Polaroid blogs looking for the best tips and tricks, you can hit up YouTube for photography tutorials, and / or you can get Instant Love, a new book that catalogs every Polaroid and instant film camera from the past fifteen years, and shows the kinds of photo effects you can get from each one. It's a beautiful book full of gorgeous photos and helpful "don't press this button unless you want a huge flash" diagrams, and unlike all those online resources (helpful as they may be...), you can actually display this one on your coffee table or nightstand.

Get Instant Love for $12 on Amazon.