patti smith’s at it again with her moving memoir.

by liza darwin

For everyone who's wanted to take a walk in Patti Smith's legendary shoes, here's your chance. In Just Kids, the iconic singer, artist and poet lets you follow every step of her journey, from her first days in New York City in the late '60s to her rise to mega-stardom.

But Smith's professional success is only a small part of the touching recollection; in many ways, this autobiography serves as a tribute to her former partner and friend, Robert Mapplethorpe, who passed away in 1989.

And despite the fact that Smith goes back decades in time, she still manages to capture the wide-eyed innocence of two artists in New York: living with Mapplethorpe in the Chelsea Hotel, trekking to Coney Island to take photographs, and the contagious excitement of the bohemian rock 'n roll era.

With Mapplethorpe's Polaroids of Smith interspersed within the prose, Just Kids is equally beautiful, heartfelt, and sad. And just like all great books, you're left wanting more when it's over.

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