book club: little book of lettering

This one goes out to all the doodlers out there…

by ali hoffman

Confession: I have over 25 notebooks in my apartment with less than five pages written or drawn on.

Another Confession: Regardless of how nuts I know this is, I can't stop buying new ones. 

For those of you who understand the joys of a brand spanking new journal, or are familiar with the excitement involved in buying a new pack of Micron or Copic pens, I suggest you listen closely.

Out this week from Chronicle Books, Emily Gregory's The Little Book of Lettering boasts an expansive collection of the best artists at the forefront of today's lettering revolution.  Divided into three sections--Digitally Drawn Lettering, Hand Drawn Lettering, and Three-dimensional Lettering-- the book provides inspiration for graphic designers and doodlers alike. In other words, even if your skills barely surpass a standard bubble letter, Gregory's book will definitely give your inking a boost of motivation.

And in regards to my terrible notebook addiction, I'm guessing this will only feed the problem...

Order your copy here! ($24.95)