get some fashion advice from a cheeky aussie.

by liza darwin

First things first: Michi, the sarcastically witty voice behind the popular Australian website of the same name, isn't actually a person. In fact, she's two people- locals Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock- whose words of wisdom on all things fashion have already won her a serious online following.

And now Michi's taking her spunky advice from the internet to the written page with a pair of style books. The first, Like I Give a Frock from 2008, is a hilarious go-to guide for any questionable style situation. It's followed up with her latest, What on Earth Are You Wearing?, a totally unofficial glossary of popular fashion terms, starting with "A: Acid Wash Reflux Disease." You can bet it only gets more entertaining from there.

Although these books might not offer the most reliable advice on clothes (we say: follow at your own risk!), each gorgeous, watercolor-illustrated page does leave us with a lesson: fashion's most fun when it's not taken too seriously.

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