the coolest way to organize your clothes, your closet, your life.

by liza darwin

We admit it: we're still obsessed with making inspiration boards (yes, even though websites-ahem- are awesome). Who would have thought that Moleskine-the notebooks used by artistic greats like Matisse and Hemingway- loves it too?

Meet the Style Journal, the latest from the brand's mini-line of "passion" books. Your personal shopping buddy, it contains six tabs, including "Wardrobe Organizer," "Outfits," "Trends," and "Events" that help you manage your clothes, keep track of cool looks, and remember sales.

And in typical Moleskine form, they've included their index of helpful info at the beginning. But instead of academic stats like The Table of Elements, they have international size conversions and downloadable templates to customize.

With over 200 blank pages, this DIY fashion book is just begging to be filled out, dogeared, and plastered with everything you love. Check out our pages below, and click here buy it for yourself!