lions and tigers and mayan temples… OH MY!

by ali hoffman

Aside from never talking back, my mother consistently preached one rule above others throughout my childhood: Never ever throw out a National Geographic magazine.

Being a goody-goody, I did as I was told without question-- but it wasn't till my most recent trip home for Thanksgiving that I truly understood her reasoning. 

After taking a post-Turkey nap, I found myself wide awake at midnight on the night of Thanksgiving with nothing to watch on T.V. That's when I ventured downstairs, and found myself thumbing through my mother's now extensive collection of National Geographic magazines. From Jane Goodall's incredible chimpanzee reports to a cover story on hidden tribes of the Amazon, I got sucked in by the all of the how-could-this-be-real imagery and in depth reporting. And I didn't head up to bed till it was already light out.

So when hearing of the National Geographic Society's newest book release,

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 125 YEARS: Legendary Photographs, Adventures, and Discoveries That Changed the World

, I was instantly sold.  Boasting over 600 of the best images printed by the publication, the tome runs in chronological order, and miraculously manages to pack all of the most memorable reports and features. The best part? It costs about the same as a buying a six-month subscription of the magazine. That, and the fact my mom will really be proud.

Order a copy here!