kate moss on your coffee table.

by ali hoffman

These days, it seems like anyone with camera (or even the right iPhone app) can call themselves a fashion photographer--particularly, if shooting street style. But fashion illustrator? Now that remains a bit more sacred. Enter Tony Glenville's new text from Laurence King publishing, New Icons of Fashion Illustration, which features 28 of today's most talented fashion illustrators. Including everyone from Cedric Rivrain to Piet Paris, the book dedicates a chapter to each artist individually, giving the reader a comprehensive understanding of the illustrator's style and technique. Plus, you'll also find a really rad sketch of Alexa Chung about halfway through. So whether you're an art major, a fashion designer, or simply a clothes enthusiast, this book will likely become the MVP of your coffee table.

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Kate, 2010 by Zoe More O'Ferrall

Liberty, from the "Perfectly Flawed" series, 2010 by Stina Persson

Kate in Alexander McQueen , 2007 by Cedric Rivrain

Eyeshadows, Bloomingdales , 2010 by Sara Singh

untitled, 2009 by Kareen Iliya