a new page-turner, sans vampires or teens fighting to the death.

by ali hoffman

When Sad Desk Salad first appeared on our desk, we were skeptical for two reasons:

1. The summary on the back of the novel says the book is about "a writer for Chick Habit, an increasingly popular women's website," which caused us to question if we really wanted to spend our time reading about a fictionalized version of our day-to-day life.

2. We have to be really choosy when it comes to Chick Lit, as it tends to be pretty hit or miss.

But for whatever reason (maybe the bright cover?), we took it home, curled up on the couch, and gave it a read. Before we knew it, several hours had passed and we had read all 287 pages from start-to-finish in one sitting. An engrossing read to say the least, Jessica Grose's novel about a frenzied blogger caught up in the day-to-day havoc of the web is really, really funny. Mixing a dose of The Devil Wears Prada scandal with a dash of Bridget Jones's Diary wit, the story also deals with much deeper issues regarding the moral dilemmas journalists must often face. In short, this is the perfect book if looking for a page-turner that isn't about vampires, sex addicts, or teens fighting to the death.

And seeing as we don't really write about political scandals (or scandals at all, for that matter), our initial fear of it being too similar to hold our interest turned out to be a total non-issue.

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