the classic fairytale gets a bloody good twist.

by liza darwin

Despite what Walt Disney leads us to believe, Snow White is dark. With blood, violence, and a seriously evil queen, let's just say that if Disney stuck to the 17th century folklore entirely, we would never have been allowed to watch the movie when we were just seven years old.

People tend to be divided on the story: in fact, the pair of Snow White movies coming out this year have taken opposite approaches to the tale (Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Hunstman is totally gruesome, whereas the Lily Collins flick Mirror Mirror is more lighthearted).

Camille Rose Garcia's new illustrated adaptation of the Grimms Brothers' classic falls into the former category, thanks to the L.A. artist's gothic-style illustrations, pop culture references, and hints of satire. Garcia has also worked her magic on Alice in Wonderland, making her a master at giving children's tales a gorgeously spooky spin.

So forget about your Disney days for a second and add this creepy-cool book to your shelf immediately. It's the perfect intro to the onslaught of Snow White mania that's about to hit movie theaters, and even though it's dark, it won't give you nightmares (we promise).

$10 at Amazon.