get stuck up on this art book.

by liza darwin

Graffiti, music, and childhood pastimes collide in the new book Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art. But these aren't the retro Lisa Frank designs you'd plaster all over your school notebook.

Instead, this coffee table collection is stocked with 4,000 images from contemporary artists like Keith Haring, Banksy, Damien Hirst, and Jenny Holzer. Not only a picture book, it also contains tons of essays from people like Shephard Fairey tracing the history of the medium as a social and political tool as well as an expression of creativity.

And in case you're craving the real thing, the last 8 pages are filled with original, useable stickers created by Ryan McGinness, Surface to Air, and more- including iconic images like Space Invader's video-game inspired designs.

Who knew stickers could make such a statement?

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