day glo swimsuits and surfer babes!

by liza darwin

Located smack in the middle of downtown Manhattan, the NYLON offices aren't exactly beachfront property. But we like to pretend that's not true- especially in the wintertime. We have a giant The Endless Summer movie poster hanging above our desks, and, depending on photoshoots happening, occasional surfboards propped against the wall.

The latest addition to our decor is the new photo book, The Eighties at Echo Beach. The original master of surf photography, Michael Moir, has turned his camera on the '80s beach kids who rocked the waves and looked the part back in the day with Day-Glo swimsuits, zinc on their noses, and white-blond hair.

From 1979 all the way through the eighties, the stories and pictures all come from a specific place, the "surf ghetto" Echo Beach. But no matter where you live, this is the perfect coffee table book for any kind of water baby....whether or not you're lucky enough to live by the sea.

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