book club: the fashion coloring book

here’s a fashion-forward excuse to bust out the crayola.

by jazzi mcgilbert

Wonderland's Alice once asked "What's the use of a book without pictures in it?" Well, Carol Chu and Lulu Chang (aka Lulu and Your Mom, who also designs clothes and writes prose) took that notion one step further with The Fashion Coloring Book. >>Crayola is totally having a moment. See their new nail polish! Carol and Lulu are buddies who bonded over Dr. Marten's (which you can also color in the book) and created a masterpiece for the both the big kid, little kid and fashion junkie alike.

It has pretty much everything in your dream wardrobe (McQueen armadillo shoes!), plus witty quips, fashion mad-libs and more than you can shake a crayon at. Which is exactly what we did below and highly suggest you do, too. The Fashion Coloring Book is awesome and available for $12.99 on Amazon or IRL at Bookmarc, Colette & Urban.

The Fashion Coloring Book, $12.99

Author Lulu Chang

A work of art (in Jeremy Scott) by our Web Designer Nick

We call this one Celine in Crayon by Faran Krentcil

Jazzi's pink-lemonade Stella McCartney