book club: the great american cereal book

from tony the tiger to cap’n crunch, your a-z guide to the breakfast staple.

by liza darwin

Even though most people might not agree, we still consider making a bowl of cereal "cooking." It's pathetic, we know, but the breakfast staple has been our go-to all the way from childhood to eating it pretty much 24/7 during college and beyond. Yeah, you could say we're addicted... and clearly we're not the only ones.

The Great American Cereal Bookis an all-encompassing ode to the food, complete with the history of old-school brands like Granose Flakes, packaging quirks, and the backstory on all those cartoon mascots. It's a culinary combo of art, design, and advertising, and while it might not come with the actual cereal itself (we wish!) you can bet it will make your next trip to the grocery more interesting.

So even though Grape Nuts, Wheaties, or Rice Krispies already have a slot in your pantry, with this clever book, they can have a space on your coffee table as well.

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