book club: the history of the world according to facebook

what if facebook’s timeline started from day one?!

by liza darwin

In the beginning, there were the cosmos, the concept of time....and Facebook? Okay, maybe not.

But that's the idea behind The History of the World According to Facebook, Wylie Overstreet's parody account of what would've happened if global events had Facebook statuses. Born out of the L.A. writer's insanely-popular online article from 2010, the book is an expanded and even snarkier twist on the original.

The Facebook timeline starts from literally Day One, where The Singularity claims bragging rights to "FIRST!!!" and quickly creates "The Big Bang" event for newcomers Space and Physics. From there this 150-page imagined Newsfeed speeds through major happenings real and believed, like Dante's Inferno (status update: "Ugh, I'm in hell...) and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, complete with faux photo albums and Foursquare check-ins.

Overstreet's not afraid to make fun of even the most grave or groundbreaking situations, so we wouldn't recommend the book for overly sensitive types or cramming for your World History final. But with a snickery tone and spot-on humor, it's a cheeky nudge not to take your Facebook status- or yourself- too seriously.

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