a dictionary of cool girls in crayon and ink.

    by · May 10, 2012
    Here at NYLON, we try to keep the tradition of fashion illustration alive by commissioning artists all over the world to draw some of our style pages. Now a new book honors those artists, and gives gorgeous examples of how this genre is developing with the digital age. The book is called The New Age of Feminine Drawing, and it contains over 500 pictures from galleries, campaigns, and even the pages of our magazine. Featured artists include Prada collaborator James Jean, watercolor goddess Akari Inoguchi, and Finnish ink mistress Laura Laine. (Our friend, the mysterious but perfectly-dressed bunny Fifi Lapin, is also included.) When we opened the book this week, it inspired us to grab a journal and a pen and start sketching - something that alleviated a lot of our workday stress. If you feel like it might be a similar help to you - or if you just like gorgeous pictures - get it at Amazon now. The New Age of Feminine Drawing, about $30 in bookstores and online.
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