what’s better than a murder mystery to end the summer?

by ali hoffman

Confession: To cure my airplane anxiety, I always board flights with a brand new psychological thriller on hand.

Sure, reading something adrenaline-inducing may sound like strange way to calm oneself, but there's nothing like a really terrifying novel to distract from my own irrational fears.

This was my intention when packing Kate White's latest book The Sixes for my transatlantic flight to London this past weekend.  To put it simply, my plan definitely worked; for seven hours, I remained entranced in the novel, barely even acknowledging the random bouts of turbulence.

Set on a small college town in Pennsylvania, The Sixes revolves around the possible connection between a  mysterious death of a student and cruel secret society of girls on campus.  The story unfolds through the eyes of Phoebe Hall, a journalist who's abandoned her hectic life in New York City, deciding to teach for the semester.  Aside from being an extremely relatable protagonist, Phoebe's definitely a likable character, making it easy to slip into her shoes and imagine yourself on this freaky scenario.

Cleverly woven with comic dialogue and sexy dates, the narrative mixes the spookiness of Twin Peaks with the scandal of Gossip Girl, plus a dash of Ian McEwan-esque drama.

So, yes, Kate White's new novel is somewhat of a guilty pleasure read, but if looking for a good page-turner, you won't be disappointed.

Which is great, unless, of course, you're hoping to fall asleep anytime soon.

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