book club: the sneaker coloring book

    test out that new color converse before you even buy them.

    by · June 30, 2010
    Are sneakers and coloring books like two peas in a pod? Though you’d probably answer “no,” or even “far from,” the two share a surprising amount of similarities:1. Though reminiscent of childhood, neither enforces an age/height limit.2. Just as anyone can rock a sneaker, using a coloring book requires neither a prerequisite nor any talent. 3. They both signify a good time. Created by Daniel Jarosch and Henrik Klingel, The Sneaker Coloring Book unites two of our obsessions. The book consists of 100 blueprint-eque images of popular sneaker models since 1916 (think everything from the Converse “All Star” to Reebok’s “Court Victory Pump). The best part: each page comes with a perforated edge for easy, rip-free tearing. Anyone want to collaborate on a sneaker exhibition? About $20 here.
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