cooking class meets art club with this new recipe book.

by liza darwin

Fact: we're always trying to cook more. But when finding a dinner recipe means either paging through the 300+ page tome that's sitting on our countertop, or scouring the internet all afternoon looking for the perfect thing, most of the time we just give up on that ambitious plan and order takeout instead.

Luckily, though, They Draw and Cook has come to our rescue with its brand-new selection of 107 printed meal ideas. An offshoot of the eponymous website which features tons of illustrated recipes by international artists, the book version has brand-new options guaranteed to make cooking more fun.

And the best part is, all of these colorful recipes are easy to make- from blueberry muffins to butternut squash ravioli to the perfect chocolate cake, these are foods you can whip up again and again. So stash the takeout menus away for now...you've got a date with your kitchen tonight.

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