get your short story fix with this blog-turned-book.

by liza darwin

Sometimes we'll spend an entire weekend plowing through a 300-page mega-novel. But on the days when we don't have the time (or attention span) to devote to reading a chunk of literature, we've found an equally worthwhile option.

Various Authors is the newest release from the blog-turned-publisher The Fiction Desk, which until now has specialized in reviewing shorter pieces from different emerging authors online. But with this short story book, the U.K. company has switched from just talking about these works to introducing you to them directly.

From the creepy clone tale "Celia and Harold" to the heartwarming "Nativity," these are 20-pagers that you can squeeze in at the gym, on the subway, or even in line at the grocery store.

Although we're left wanting more when it's all over, we don't have to worry. It's a quarterly anthology, which means there's another load of mini-books on the way very soon.

Buy it here.