let’s face it: hair has never been so hip.

by liza darwin

You know a book is awesome when it causes an office-wide reaction. But we're especially impressed with the new illustrated page-turner Whose Hair?, which manages to cause a commotion without using any words whatsoever. The book is the latest project from Christina Christoforou, a London artist who has sketched over 200 different images of pop culture icons...well, their hair, at least.

Of course, we immediately quizzed each other on these super-recognizable hairdos, and were impressed that we could spot the bows, beards, poufs, and bowl cuts (yes, really) of stars like Russell Brand, Oprah, and even Jean-Michel Basquiat.

And now we're challenging you to do the same. See which celebrities you can identify from the pictures below, and buy the book here to check your answers- and drill your friends!