9 Books That Are So, So Much Better Than Their Movies

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    by · October 08, 2016

    “The book is always better” is an adage that we remember hearing from a young age whenever we expressed any interest in seeing some Hollywood adaptation of one of our favorite novels. It’s a truism that’s come in handy over the years, if only so that, at best, we can be pleasantly surprised at a good adaptation, but also prepared for the worst. And, um, there’s lots of bad ones! For every great book-to-movie adaptation (what’s up, Princess Bride) there’s tons of not-so-great ones. We were recently reminded of this with the lukewarm reviews for the film adaptation of The Girl on the Train, and decided to look back at some of the most egregious screen translations of some of our favorite books, and figure out where they went wrong—like, so, so wrong.

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