boom by ultimate ears

Here comes the boom…

by Christian Lavery

The year was 1995 when Ultimate Ears made a custom fit earphone that revolutionized the way artists performed music on stage. Today, UE is using that same technology that so many musicians depend on to bring you a speaker you won’t want to leave home without. So here comes the Boom! Offering up to 360 degrees of full, balanced, top-notch sound quality, this speaker is as versatile as they come. Created to accompany you anywhere you go and available in six different colorful plasma coated skins, the UE Boom is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and has a 15-hour rechargeable battery. Connect to the speaker wirelessly with one of your other friends and you’ll be able to switch songs, adjust the volume, and take phone calls from up to 50 feet away. But just in case one speaker won’t satisfy the sound you’re looking for, you can also connect two Booms together through the app and have a stereo-like setup for your next gathering. Purchase one HERE.