get your kicks with new kid’s fall line.

by liza darwin

After extensive time spent shopping for fall shoes, we've concluded that boots usually fall into a few distinct categories: a.) the clunky combat style b.) the riding boot or c.) the girly, high-heeled number. While all of these are great, what happens if you're looking for a little of all three?

This is where New Kid comes in. Designer Rachel Beagley has created a perfectly edited collection of Fall-to-Winter boots, booties, and loafers. Even though Beagley is influenced by global culture (she's lived everywhere from China to Italy), this time around, she's inspired by something we're all familiar with: the '90s.

The shoes are cut in classic shapes, but Beagley also works in runway trends and bold details like tribal prints, gold panels, or studs to keep them fresh. And since they're made with high-quality materials like leather and tough soles, you can still wear them even when the temperatures drop.

With almost all styles under $200, these are some investment pieces you're sure to love-and wear-all Winter long.

Buy them at Gargyle.