Boyd Shropshire “Soon”

have a very lo-fi summer.

by liza darwin

If your perfect summer day entails a pool party, a BBQ, and a gorgeous New York City sunset--and whose doesn't, really?-- then you need to stop whatever you are doing and watch Boyd Shropshire's new music immediately.

The musician and former Kurt Vile band member mashes up the best stuff about summer and packs it all into one dreamy experience in the video for "Soon," the third single off his debut album Victory Weather. 

Going totally analog on a Tascam recorder, the cassette comes complete with chilled-out melodies, intimate vocals, and the type of laid-back vibe that's perfect for wandering the city streets at dusk. And fortunately for us, the video for "Soon" is pure lo-fi bliss. Watch it below and get inspired to have the best summer ever....there's still time! Then, grab Victory Weather for yourself here