We cast the season three additions to girls.

by rebecca willa davis and gwendolyn rosen

Yesterday we shared the news that actor Michael Zegen--most recently of Frances Ha fame--would be joining the cast of Girls for season three, and in the process wondered if maybe he would be in effect Charlie's replacement since Christopher Abbott quit the show.

Your response? Well, if it wasn't quite outrage, it was pretty close. Turns out, fans of the show feel really, really strongly about the actors who are on it. So it got us wondering: If Zegen didn't seem like a proper fit (and for the record, we think he's perfect and can totally see some sort of storyline between him and Hannah Horvath), who would be? And considering that there were all sorts of make-ups and break-ups during season two--no, we're not buying Hannah and Adam seriously getting back together--there are plenty of roles to be filled.

So join us in the casting room as we name which actors we'd like to see on season three as love interests, crushes, foils, and jerks to the four leading ladies on Girls.

The Actor: Andy Samberg

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: If art imitates life, then Hannah Horvath needs a nerdy rocker boyfriend. Samberg, who is also in joke-rap band The Lonely Islands, shares those tri-state good looks with Dunham's real life BF Fun.'s Jack Antonoff. Also, his bandmate Jorma Taccone played artist-jerk Booth Jonathan on the show, so Samberg totally has an in.

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: Hannah, duh.

The Actor: Jason Schwartzman

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: Because now that Bored To Death is off the air he's got the time. Plus, thanks to that show he's got the Brooklyn hipster thing down pat.

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: We like to imagine him squiring Jessa and being totally successful at it, to boot.

The Actor: Taran Killam

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: Girls loves to pull SNL cast members (like the aforementioned Taccone, or Bobby Moynihan--whose liplock with Marnie was the frosting on that wedding episode's cake).

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: It's usually been Marnie who gets the funny guys, but maybe it's time to give Shosh a chance with a joker. She was not having it with Ray's solemn, intellectual vibe (he doesn't even like pillows!) so someone silly like Killam mights just bring her the rainbow-filled hope she's been missing.

The Actor: Jake T. Austin

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: The onetime Disney star is all grown up (if he looks familiar, it's because he plays Jesus Foster on the ABC Family TV show The Fosters) and needs to up his indie cred before Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn (he plays the titular Huckleberry) makes him a massive star.

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: Dark and handsome, just like Charlie--so yeah, we totally see Marnie falling hard for him.

The Actor: James Franco

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: Because what doesn't James Franco do?

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: On the one hand we really want him to play a 20-something version of his Freaks and Geeks character Daniel Desario, on the other hand how amazing would it be if he played this nebbish hottie who Shoshanna lands?

The Actor: Lamorne Morris

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: He's so freaking funny as Winston Bishop on New Girl, we'd like to see him on TV twice a week rather than just once.

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: After a string of jerks (or softies-turned-jerks), it's time Marnie gets with someone nice. We think Morris can place nice without being boring.

The Actor: Max Irons

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: Eye candy, anyone? The son of Jeremy may be best known for his movie roles in The Host and Red Riding Hood, but he played King Edward on UK series The White Queen (which incidentally airs in the US on Starz starting in August).

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: We'd love a little Brit-on-Brit action, and he wouldn't have to make up an accent to get with Jessa.

The Actor: Wesley Taylor

Why We Think He Should Be Cast: Hannah and Elijah are not speaking after the coke-laced incident in which Hannah found out that Elijah and Marnie had sex (for like two seconds, but still). Hannah is in need of a new gay best friend to co-host karaoke parties, and since Smash--which Taylor starred in--was just cancelled, Wesley Taylor is the perfect candidate. Like Andrew Rannells (who plays Elijah), Taylor has also been a musical star Broadway, so we don't need to worry for a second about a suffering rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'."

Who We Think He Should Be Getting With: Well, not getting with, but hanging with Hannah. Though we shouldn't write off a drunken hook-up at a dinner party gone awry.