Watch The Trailer For Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s New Film

‘by the sea’

by jenny lee

The last time we saw Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-Pitt on the silver screen together was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It's been 10 years since, and the trailer for the married couple's second feature film has just dropped.

Written and directed by Jolie-Pitt, By The Sea follows a couple with a struggling marriage as they vacation through France in the '70s. The dramatic trailer is ironically backed by Harry Nilsson's song "Perfect Day" as it shows the couple, Vanessa and Roland, growing increasingly estraged and spiteful toward one another amid a dreamy resort backdrop. It's not clear what plagues their marriage, but both Jolie-Pitt and Pitt spend most of the trailer brooding and fighting, so we're not expecting this to be the happiest of films.

Production for the film took place last year, following Jolie-Pitt and Pitt's wedding—because if you're in a power couple in Hollywood, that's how you spend your honeymoon. And while it should have been a romantic getaway for the pair, the weighty subject matter inevitably affected the mood. In an interview with the Directors Guild of America, Jolie-Pitt recalled, "I'd be directing myself and him in a scene where we're having a fight, and I'd be pulling out the parts [of him] that have an aggression toward me or when you're frustrated with each other—it was very heavy."

Luckily for us, their hard work paid off to what seems like it's going to be a moving and important film.