brand new bacon flavored ritz

Get your bacon fix anytime anywhere…

by Josh Madden

Remember being a kid and your favorite snack was cheese and crackers? Well, the team at Ritz are appealing to a new generation when it comes to snack time.

If you aren’t already sitting you might want to, because what you’re about to read might just blow your mind. Ritz has successfully developed a bacon flavored cracker! In a world addicted these savory strips, you can now get your bacon fix literally anytime and anywhere.

We don’t know what kind of crazy hi-tech bacon operations they’ve been running over there but these aren’t your dad’s boring old crackers--these are next level. Combining their classic flavor with pepper seasoning and the savory flavor of bacon, the possibilities of snack combos are endless!

After you pick up your box, go thank Ritz for looking out for your bacon needs on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will