Brandy Goes Old-School For Her New Video “Beggin & Pleadin”

And we’re “Beggin & Pleadin” for more

The only person that is more excited about Brandy's comeback than me is Barbie Brandy, but that almost doesn't count since she's a doll (sorry Barbie). Today, the singer-songwriter released the music video for her comeback single "Beggin & Pleadin." While Brandy's new music looks to the future rather than the past, this video is all about the retro aesthetic as she transforms into an old-school jazz singer belting out blues at a charming bar.

When NYLON interviewed Brandy a few months ago, she explained how making music has always been a therapeutic process for her. "I’m really excited about the new sound, and the new wave of who I am," she said. "For me, this is the most personal volume of music that I’m doing. I’m a completely different artist than I was two years ago. It’s got to tap into something different."

Watch the entire music video, above.