Brandy Ignored During Undercover Subway Singing

“the people in new york are very rude.”

Being a celebrity in New York can be a blessing. The paparazzi exist, but they don’t hound you like they do in Los Angeles. There really isn’t room to do so and frankly, New Yorkers are too busy to care that so-and-so passed them on a Citibike. Brandy Norwood, she of Moesha fame, experienced this first hand earlier this month.

The singer uploaded a video of herself serenading a subway car full of people trying to mind their own business. She recounted the experience on her blog under a post called “Can A Sistah Get One Fan?” She found one, but said fan didn’t know who she was, and instead encouraged this anonymous subway car performer to “do something different” because New Yorkers have “seen this a million times.” (It’s true.) 

Luckily, the whole thing didn’t jade the singer. “There's something different about NY,” she wrote on her blog. “The energy and the drive of the people is just DIFFERENT. I like it!” Good for you, Brandy! Proud of you for not pulling a Reese Witherspoon and asking “Do you know my name?”

(via The Root)