breakfast at cafe colette

When a new spot becomes your new favorite spot…

by Josh Madden

Sometimes when you're out running errands, when you're all busy and your mind is preoccupied by a million things, out of nowhere the pain of hunger hits you. If you are in your own hood, it's a 'whatever' situation, but if you're in a place where you don't normally grub...well, it's time to gamble. This weekend we found ourselves out in Brooklyn on the early side of the day and this very situation occurred-- so we gambled and we won big.

Williamsburg looks nothing like it did 10 years ago--of course this is a huge conversation between New Yorkers--but amongst all of the "new" and "upgraded" we found a spot that feels "good 'ol" and "welcoming," when we showed up early for an appointment (really Brooklyn, is 10am on a Saturday that early?) and the panic of hunger hit, we looked up and saw Cafe Colette.

This place literally feels like it's out of a movie, with an old fashioned diner vibe on the inside, garden dining outside, and European-style seating on the porch (which we opted for). They serve Stumptown coffee (always a plus), fresh-squeezed orange juice, and their menu ingredients are locally sourced. So what did we order? We've never tried poached eggs with butternut squash before, so while we're taking chances, that's what we went for. The combination of the eggs, squash, fried brussels sprouts and arugula was, as they say in France, "c'est magnifique". The best chocolate croissant we've ever tasted was the perfect end to this surprise dining experience. Seriously, this meal changed the vibe of the whole day.

We're looking for excuses to get back in the neighborhood and next week we're heading back to try out the grilled fish tacos in the garden. Don't take our word for it, check out all the details HERE.