Breton Envy Video

envy has never sounded—or looked— so irresistible.

by liza darwin

It's been over a year since we first crushed on Breton, mostly thanks to their throbbing beats, indie-rock melodies, and genre-tangling sound. But perhaps the coolest part about the London five-piece is the fact that these guys believe music should go far beyond the noise that's coming out of your headphones--they're in it for a complete audio and visual experience, and that's one of the (many) reasons why we're so obsessed. Their songs are a little bit trippy, decidedly moody, and definitely dark-- but considering they're named after Surrealist founder Andre Breton, what else would you expect?!

Good news for everyone who feels the same: after their fantastic 2012 debut Other People's Problems and tours with bands like Local Natives, the boys are back! They're gearing up to release their EP Force of Habit next week and a sophomore album in February.

Since they're suckers for all things visual, expect an equally captivating video for their new single "Envy." Directed by the group's frontman Roman Rappak, it hopscotches between live performance (a video first for them!) and a character study narrative.

"All our videos have been narrative-based films without the band in them, so the most controversial thing was to actually include us in the playing the track,"  Rappak explained. "But in many ways, this is the version of the band a great deal of people are familiar with, as we have played over 150 shows in the past 10 months." The song itself was inspired by being on the road. "The ideas came about from touring together for a year, the idea of only superficially seeing countries and cities or meeting people for very brief periods of time, but that this is also a way that a country or a person can totally blow your mind, because you know you have to leave so soon."

Oh, and that envy in question? You'll have to watch the video to get the full idea, but take it from Rappak: "Envy of other people and the desire to have a life you have been promised is sometimes the most destructive thing in the world." 

So get a look at the green-eyed monster in action below, and

listen to more Breton here.