Bridgit Mendler Gives Us The Love Song We Need Right Now

A certified bop

If love were easy, we'd all be in it. But it's not—far from it. It's complex and rife with all-consuming highs and lows. Some say it's hot and cold, others, like Bridgit Mendler, call it temperamental.

Mendler takes on the subject in her latest single, "Temperamental Love." With the help of Toronto's own Devontée, she muses on the complicated push and pull of the all-consuming emotion that this unnamed individual gives her. Mendler brings the song to life in a sun-drenched, flickering video that's riddled with themes of escapism and, ultimately, having a good ol' time. This is the bop 2017 needed.

Dance your heart out to this live when Mendler hits the road with POWERS this spring on the NYLON Music Tour. More information here.