Britney Spears Makes The Internet Oooh With New Song

    Oops...she did it again

    by · July 15, 2016

    With the release of Britney Spears’ first song in three years and a surprise track from Katy Perry, the pop world is shook. Both titans, each living legends in their own right, currently sit pretty at the top of the iTunes charts, with each track bringing the fans and stans out of the woodwork to duke out who’s fave could never. The petty drama is hot, but fan-on-fan discord breeds hate. And hate is the last thing we need right now. What we need is a perfect pop song designed to make us... move. We need the true pop princess to surprise us with an unexpected sound, to keep us on our toes, and with one perfect flick of the wrist, inspire a reaction post so perfect, the only thing we’ll know how to do is “oooh.” And that, my friends, is what Spears’ first single off of her forthcoming ninth studio album does. Titled “Make Me...,” the song, with all its baby-making vibes, resonates in all the right places—funny bone included. Those who follow the Holy Spearit are taking to the internet to express themselves, searching for that like at the end of the tunnel. The results are poignant. The results are clever. After all, Spears was born to make us happy and to, well, oooh.

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