Fans Petition To Release David LaChapelle Version Of Britney’s ‘Make Me’ Video

Don’t mess with Britney fans

by daniel barna

Britney Spears is wasting no time with her comeback. Just one day after dropping the latest track from her upcoming album Glory, the resurgent pop star unleashed the music video for her chart topping single "Make Me." The clip is a fictionalized audition process in which Spears and her gang of friends scope out potential hard-bodied muses for the video we're watching. It's a clever subversion of the male gaze that's usually represented in most music videos, but beyond that, it's a joy to watch Spears have fun again. 

But like anything Britney Spears-related, the video did not arrive without its fair share of controversy. According to Vulture, Britney's label decided that the original David LaChapelle version of the video was "not a suitable representation of the song." Rather than letting it disappear into the ether, a faction of Spears' most devout fans have started a petition insisting that RCA release the original version.

Not much is known as to why the label deemed the original unworthy, but seeing as how the current version is borderline NSFW, we can only gather that the original was just a touch too provocative. And, based on the previously released "Private Show," it looks like provocative seems to be the name of the game. 

Watch the video for "Make Me" above.