Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images


Only Britney Spears Could Postpone An Election


Have you ever had to choose between the future of pop and politics? The people of Israel were put to the ultimate test this summer. It came by way of Britney Spears being scheduled to perform at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv on July 3, the same date that Israel’s Labor Party was set to hold a primary election at the Convention Center.

Haaretz reports that the main issue with this conflict is that traffic routes have to be blocked around the Convention Center for "security reasons" related to the pop star. Even though both venues are in close proximity to one another, it could still cause a major delay to Israeli voters. In order to avoid causing a potential crisis, Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog went ahead and postponed the election to the following day. The location for the voting booths has not been confirmed to the public at this time. 

Meanwhile, Spears probably has no idea that this is even happening. Most stars can't say that they have a big enough influence that a country would reschedule an election on their behalf though... Truly iconic. It's Britney, bitch! 

If only she could have stepped in and saved us all on November 8, 2016...