Britney Spears And Tinashe Invite You To A “Slumber Party”

Do you wanna come over?

Early last night, Britney Spears invited the world to a special slumber party. "Slumber Party [sic] ft. @Tinashe coming at midnight," she said." And lo, a remix of Miss Spears' Glory song did drop, setting off a countless number of proverbial fire alarms. It was, and still is, lit.

Though it was, indeed, a school night, when a legend releases new material, sleep must wait. For this song is not about rest—Insomniacney herself sings of not sleeping. It's about "pillow fights and feathers" and "cologne and candy lotion." It's the PG-13-boarderline-R-rated version of a slumber party and Tinashe's inclusion only turns the heat up more. 

A noted Britney Army member, Tinashe confirmed the rumors of the collab in early October. She shared an Instagram of the two explaining how the whole experience of working with her "idol" left her "wigless [sic] and dead," and asked the bigger question of "what is life"? She's so lucky. 

Since Spears is the queen of giving us more, a video for the "Slumber Party" remix drops November 18—which, based on the preview she shared, may find Miss American Dream Since She Was 17 living out her own "Partition" fantasy.

Updated on November 18: As promised, Britney Spears delivered the goods at midnight. The "Slumber Party" music video has arrived in all its sweet, sensual, and infectiously playful, ahem, glory. It's Spears' best video in a long while. Can you imagine the emotions going through Tinashe when she was literally dancing and rubbing up on her idol? I certainly can't, but damn does it elicit a feeling nothing short of proud. They did that, y'all. That did that.