Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction Video - Piece Of Me

she’ll dance if she wants to

Oops…Britney Spears did it again. She showed her Las Vegas audience just how much of a professional she really is when her catsuit zipper unzipped mid-performance. (Not that anyone ever doubted her abilities; she was just, you know, reminding everyone who’s the ringleader, calling the shots.)

During her ripped-from-the-video performance of the 2009 smash “3,” Spears’ wardrobe malfunctioned. It’s a thing that happens sometimes. Some people have said she “suffered” from it, but it’s clear Spears was not suffering. She was thriving. The show must go on and it did—exposed back and all. Spears didn’t miss a beat, because this ain’t her first time at the rodeo. She’ll dance if she wants to. It’s her prerogative.