Demo Taped Wants Men To Be More Emotional

He shows how it’s done in his new single, “Insecure”

by NYLON x 300 Entertainment

Each week, we’re bringing you a new video by one of 300 Entertainment’s best up-and-coming artists, as part of the BRKRS series. Each musician was placed in the same 10x10 room, with the assignment to make the space their own and tell their audience who they really are. They’re the next big names in the music industry, we’re just letting you know first.

In this week's installment of BRKRS, Demo Taped shares the space with a cotton candy machine and about a dozen puppies, which reflects the vibe of "Insecure," his latest single. Gesturing toward the puppies, he says, “I felt like they were the real stars you know, they were the real talent there. And I’m happy to have worked with them." But while the visual is fun and upbeat, the song itself tackles his own insecurities in a way that’s sharply different from how men usually show their emotions.

The key thing to know about Demo Taped is that he doesn’t want to conform to society's accepted standards of masculinity; he’s not going to bottle up what he's feeling. “I think being a man is being in touch with your emotions,” he says. “I don't know what masculinity is. It's definitely not an outward thing to me. I paint my nails, and I wear stuff in my hair and dress very colorful, and that has nothing to do with it at all.”

The song is about the insecurity that comes with pursuing new relationships. He explains, "It's drawing from past experiences where I’ve let my insecurities about myself and my negative thoughts about myself get in the way of potential relationships. You're stopping yourself before you really get anywhere because you have all these deep-seated things that you think are alone with you."

Watch the video for “Insecure,” above.