All Eyes Are On Brodka In Her New Music Video

These hills have lots of eyes

Monika Brodka is slowly making her way west. The Polish pop singer is already an established music entity in her homeland, and now she’s looking to shift all U.S. eyes on her.

After releasing her first English-language album, Clashes, this summer, Brodka’s dropping the new video for her track “Up In The Hill” today. 

“When I was thinking of a video, I imagined a vintage television studio and a band playing on a stage that looks like an altar,” Brodka tells us. She adds that Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film The Holy Mountain and rock band Queen served as inspirations. “Generally, the video is a mix of various inspirations and a mixture of styles but I also just wanted it to be fun and psychedelic."

Eyes are the clear focal point of the video and can be seen popping up on Brodka’s shirt and face in the form of googly arts-and-crafts eyes, as a fabric backdrop created by Alessandra Wasilkowska, and on the stage in the video’s final moments. Big brother is always watching, we suppose. 

"An eye is the character and soul [of a person],” Brodka explains. “It's about looking inside ourselves and about human passions." 

Watch the groovy video from the up-and-coming artist below.