Broken Bells After The Disco

listen to our 5 favorite new songs of the week.

by nylon

SZA - "Ice.Moon Revisited" feat. Ab-Soul

St. Louis R&B-techno artist SZA lays down her crystalline vocals over a wind-chime beat in this mystical track, which also features the rhymes of fellow TDE member Ab-Soul. The song's soulfully woven lyrics about exploration and fantasy are laced with edgy reverb that makes for an otherworldly sound. ALEXA PEARCE

Withered Hand - "Black Tambourine"

Edinburgh, Scotland, folk-rock troubadour Dan Wilson swoons in this debut single off of his forthcoming 2014 album, singing sentimental lyrics over infectious, shimmery tambourine rhythms, i.e., twee perfection. BANU IBRAHIM 

Temples - "Mesmerise"

"Good work, Temples." Those three words basically sealed the deal for the U.K.-based group--because if Johnny Marr says it's good, then you know it must be. Fusing genre-defying elements, the band creates an alternate universe in which Tame Impala plays neo-psychedelic versions of 1990s Britpop music. Trust us, it works. BI

Broken Bells - "After the Disco" Part Two: Holding on for Life

Houston, we have a problem: Star Trek star Anton Yelchin is kissing a beautiful space cadet, and it's not Kate Mara. To create buzz for their upcoming album At the Disco, Broken Bells have just released the second installment to a set of mini films made with The Creators Project. A futuristic haze sticks to the creepy sci-fi synth tune, occasionally breaking into upbeat percussion during its nearly 7:30 runtime. Our only question: Which planets have enough gravity for disco-ing? AP

Pharrell - "Happy"

Singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, fashion designer, and now world record-holder? Pharrell might have just outdone himself on his latest project, the first ever daylong music video. The song itself is heartwarming enough, with his soulful voice set against a boogie-esque backdrop. But hey, there's something about watching our favorite Renaissance man dance around the produce aisle that just makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or watching Steve Carell parade around a school bus. Or, well, any of the people dancing through the streets of L.A. So go ahead and indulge, if you have an hour--or 24--to spare. BI