Brooke Candy A Study In Duality Video Premiere

don’t try to define it

Brooke Candy, in her ever-evolving number of jobs and descriptors, manages to be entirely undefinable. Her day job, then, is the ultimate multi-hyphenate: She wears many (designer) hats—pop star, rapper, fashion darling, provocateur, dancer, artist—and wears them well. It’s her ability to transcend genres that's shot her to fame and her unwillingness to be boxed in that’s kept her in the conversation. Candy is a chameleon, proverbially shedding her skin before the public eye and growing into another version of herself, again and again, as the ultimate performance. Her latest piece of work, a teaser of sorts called, “A Study in Duality,” highlights that in a haunting, evocative way.

Part fashion film, part arthouse flick, part music video, “A Study in Duality” finds Candy exploring the various archetypes of today’s culture—a not-so-innocent angel being one of them. In it, the familiar tropes of the Virgin Mary, a bride, and a Gaga-esque pop-tart are replaced with culturally marginalized figures like metalheads and non-gender conforming individuals. Oh, and the ATL Twins. Under Nicola Formichetti's fashion direction and Hayley Pisaturo's styling, it's a visual piece of art.

In her own words, she writes: "This video represents the metamorphosis of a girl and her disciples,” Candy told us over e-mail. “Together, we are fagmob. We are not defined by race, gender, or sexual preference. We are the forbidden fruit. We believe in the impossible. We are everywhere and nowhere all at once. We are limitless. We are fearless...Together, we are fagmob."