Brooklyn Beckham Comes Out as Anti-Selfie Stick

the celeb teen takes a brave, inspiring stance

As the scion of England’s premiere celebrity couple, a recent Vogue cover boy, and the proud owner of 4.2 million Instagram followers, 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham has all the experience and education needed to lead a crash course on proper use of the world’s favorite image-sharing app.

Then again, so do we. Then again, so do you. But we are not Brooklyn Beckham. You are not Brooklyn Beckham. Consequently, it is he, and neither of us, in this short, featherweight instructional video by British Vogue. Life is unfair in these ways.

Seriously, though, as kind of cute as this video is—and it is kind of cute—the tips here are already widely known: Begging for followers is bad, selfie sticks are the devil, filters, like nuclear power, must be used with caution, and fun is good. Yes, ‘grammers, fun is good. Glad we got that clear.