Bruce Weber & David Bailey with Nokia in Harlem

A day in Harlem with two legends…well maybe three…

by Josh Madden

Bruce Weber & David Bailey with Nokia in Harlem

When living legends decide to affect their process and try new things it's a very big deal. The ongoing discussion surrounding cell phones, cameras, the medium of photography and the quality of such photos grows more hushed as respected photographers come out to back cell phone photography and the actual devices get better.

Possibly one of the biggest occurrences to date is that of living legends

Bruce Weber


David Bailey

, who co-singed the


Lumia 1020 41 mega pixel camera and shot an exhibition's worth of photography in Harlem, New York. This is the first time famed fashion photographer Weber and rock photography icon Bailey have collaborated. Some of the locations the duo visited were a local boxing gym, theater, soul food restaurant, and even the streets as they photographed children staying cool from the heat with an open fire hydrant. Weber and Bailey incorporated many of the eclectic Harlem residents into more than 1,000 photos. All of these can be seen in a public exhibition from September 13th to 21st free of charge at the Nicholls & Clarke Building in Shoreditch, East London.

Not only is the camera on this device head and shoulders above the rest but it's rumored to have a longer battery life; while the WP8 operating system is a change, users are adapting quickly. Check out the Nokia Lumia 1020 


and see what all of the fuss is about.