Bryce Dallas Howard Cries Over Home Depot On ‘Conan’

do they give oscars for talk show appearances?

The Jurassic World press tour was supposed to belong to Chris Pratt, who became the hottest star in Hollywood not just off the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, but on his ability to win the Internet over and over again. Pratt's done alright for himself this time around, but the week has clearly belonged to Howard, who besides giving the greatest interview of her life, showed up on

to declare once and for all that she is in fact, not Jessica Chastain.

But none of that compares to Howard's appearance on Conan last night. When Conan O'Brien asked Howard to prove the rumor that she can cry on demand, she told him to "keep talking"and see what happens. So Conan riffed on his tragic days spent wandering the aisles of a Home Depot while the camera cut to a close up of Howard. What happened next is a masterclass in acting that you will enjoy very much.