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by nylon

Black Books - "Something to Remember"

We remember a time when tumbleweed-strewn, feedback-dense dream pop tunes came across our desk as frequently as psych-synth tracks do now. Thank you, Black Books, for this gentle reminder, as well as for the subtle, wavering, hauntingly familiar coda. Is it a reference to The Who's "I Can't Explain"? We hope so. MELISSA GIANNINI

Caspian - "(Hymn for) the Greatest Generation"

Can you tell we're feeling nostalgic for the not-too-distant past today? Enter Caspian's hushed-loop intro, scratchy guitar picking, sorrowful lap-steel, strings, and post-rock math-y percussion. Actual drums! Remember drums? Sigh. MG

Cage the Elephant - "Cigarette Daydreams"

The title almost perfectly sums up the song: a hazy, smoky jam that transcends the hard-hitting tunes like "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" which garnered the Kentucky rock band's claim to fame. Lead singer Matthew Shultz consistently rounds out the song with his newfound beckoning croon. Combine that with a steady strumming guitar, faint piano, and soft-spoken lyrics, and you'll be put into a trance that will be hard to shake. BANU IBRAHIM

Post Louis - "Your Hotel"

If this song is any indication of the upcoming debut EP of the London duo, comprising of Stephanie Davin on vocals and Robbie Stern (formerly of Cajun Dance Party) on guitar, saying that we're excited is a huge understatement. The combination of Davin's soft, ethereal vocals layered over dissonant chords and a guitar solo too sick for words (skip to 2:34) is making us count down the seconds until we can get our hands on more. BI

Camera Obscura - "Troublemaker"

When it came time for the Glasgow indie-pop band to make a video for this '80s-futuristic song off their fifth studio album, they looked to the low-budget, sci-fi BBC shows they grew up on for inspiration. The result is an old-school AV-club project complete with generic title sequences, slow-motion chase scenes, and hilariously bad special effects. We give it an A-plus! MG