Everything You Need To Know About The Capricorn New Moon

Burning up bitterness with electric empathy

by christie craft

Tough love is maybe not the most cuddly way to end a troublesome year, but the Universe is undoubtedly testing our mental mettle, strengthening each of us to prevail in next year’s battles. There’s no better sign to fortify a collective sense of power like mighty Capricorn, the sign which both the Sun and Moon will be stationed in on December 29. Harsh but necessary changes seem more obvious than ever when the Moon is influenced by tough-talking earth sign Cap, and this particular lunation will urge us to be as proactive as logically possible. Although we may not see the benefit in these sometimes-Spartan situations immediately, the stubborn Sea Goat has a unique way of providing karmic insurance through its supremely clear foresight of future disaster. It’s a bit of a thankless task for the staunch sign of Capricorn, but no bother; unwavering Cap doesn’t need praise or attention for their achievements—ever.

Strength is magnified in numbers during this New Moon, especially within a deep-rooted community or family unit. Many of us choose to spend the end-of-year holidays with our families, but the two weeks following the holidays will bond us to our origin stories and individual heritages, bringing us closer and closer. Loyalty to those who’ve protected and supported us in our weakest, most vulnerable periods will be a major theme highlighted, with brilliant beams of gratitude and love showering down like glittering confetti. That’s not to say this is an especially warm and cuddly New Moon, though—Capricorn’s influence on mushy-gushy Luna can be emotionally stifling. Don’t expect overt displays of affection: Capricorn has the tendency to make us feel shy or hesitant about expressing intense emotions like the ones we may experience during this time. Instead, look for the little gestures of love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude in humanity. Consider each small token of grace a victory against the gathering darkness in public ethics and morals: These are the tiny, powerful building blocks of a renewed consciousness.

Viewing others as members of a global family has a strong chance of entering our individual consciousness, as well, which will prove to be an integral emotional strategy for those working in public office, politics (hello?!), activism, social work, and just about anyone dedicated to making a lasting mark on history. When the “human family” is fortified, very little can shake its iron core with such stubborn cosmic aspects in play. Perhaps we feel powerless against a great foe singularly but together can shift the tides permanently toward a long-term goal. One person is easily dominated, but not an entire tribe. 

Hearty signs like Capricorn—the herald of winter’s darkest, most intense days in the Northern Hemisphere—are keenly aware that one left out in the cold alone will surely perish. Cooperation, another golden thread woven through the next two weeks, will prove integral to any success. This aspect can be challenging for those with strong Capricorn, Virgo, and Scorpio influence in their charts since these are the “all or nothing” signs prone to going it alone at all costs. Resistance to collaboration could signal a fall from grace for these signs, ultimately risking our dignity and self-respect. 

With Mercury still in retrograde for another week or so, miscommunications and a flat-out refusal to acknowledge the truth of difficult circumstances may come to the forefront. This is particularly vexing for signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini, and Virgo. Stubborn earth signs Capricorn and Taurus, along with all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will likely feel the strain of being charged with confronting some unpleasant facts, and may try to drive their heads into the sand to avoid karmic responsibility, flat-out refusing to accept the calamity plainly laid at their feet. (We are more prone to accidents with these aspects, and physical ailments involving vision and literal blindness could rear their heads during this time, too, so take care of your eyes!)

No shame in feeling fear when considering the treachery of climbing this cascade of moral mountains; issues that arise from this New Moon lunation may be quite shocking or downright unspeakable, both on in the personal and global arenas. Still, these signs have ultimately been chosen to bear witness to these darker corners of life for a reason—they’re the only ones with the inner-strength and sheer bravery to untangle the clanking chains that would petrify less-sturdy signs.

But the teeth-chattering and cowering won’t last long for the courageous signs challenged by this aspect. Instead, these chosen ones will heed the call of the Universe, becoming fiercely focused, ruthlessly penetrating and capably scaling those rocky mountains until they conquer the highest altitudes. Sure, there may be a few broken bones, scrapes, and scars along the way—these signs know that no good adventure lacks risk or injury. Once the battles are over and have been won, these folks are bound to wear their wounds as medals of victory and bravery. Truly, what doesn’t kill you this winter will absolutely make one stronger.    

When trickster Mercury (who’s still in retrograde, remember) is united with the New Moon, a distinct shapeshifter energy is present. Wild mood swings and rapid shifts in our emotions are extremely likely while the flighty, youthful, completely detached Mercury mingles with the Moon, known for her clinginess, nostalgia, and ancient wisdom. Call it a cosmic odd coupling, which at best will compel the more logical signs, like Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, to blend everyday common sense with intuition. Airy signs like Libra—but especially Aquarius and Gemini—are poised to receive a whimsical, creative jolt that can obscure the endgame or actual point of anything. Fads and brief crazes have a tendency to take hold during this time for those touched by this lunation since these are the signs prone to thoughtfully meandering through life’s waxing and waning tides. Sticking to anything could prove impossible now, but those who are too rigidly logical may be electrified by unsuspecting empathy, softening any overbearingly authoritative tendencies. Storytellers, writers, humorists, comedians, and those with a silver tongue are in an ideal place to thrive when their creativity is focused on revealing the tiny observations that make life meaningful. The dark side of Mercury linking with the Moon is bold-faced untrustworthiness and dishonesty, though—so be extra cautious of holiday scammers and anyone who raises a red flag of shadiness in your intuition. 

Meanwhile, in the background, searing Mars keeps the hearth fires burning through the darkest nights of winter in a near-perfect angle to the Capricorn Moon. Oddly, there’s an emotional softness in this aspect—but that won’t make any of us immune to war god Mars’ influence on outbursts of rage or world-class temper tantrums. The downy gentleness of this New Moon will be powerfully transformative, however: Anger and pain can easily be transmuted for the greater good, turning destructive fires into cleansing, healing fuel for true change and justice. To be sure, Mars’ angle to Luna will magnify Mercury’s insistence on an ever-changing atmosphere, but this frantic, harried energy provides a tremendously fertile plain for creativity if harnessed correctly. 

Though stoic and reserved, this Capricorn New Moon is strangely passionate, birthing artistic and visually exotic, stunning works into reality, creating the perfect space for projecting our visions into the tangible world. The very last and very first lunation of 2016–2017 is a temperamental, volatile one to be sure. This period can make us incredibly hot-blooded and wildly excitable, yet an ideal position for taking full creative and artistic control of our lives, selves, and goals. At the same time, it’s clear that whatever we accomplish and display in our trophy case won’t be achieved alone. Compromise and fair collaboration are everything. And in the first weeks of the New Year, we’ll see how integral vetting our thoughts and ideas will be to getting anything done in 2017. Don’t be swayed by the tempers burning through this New Moon—once the fires of active change die down to warm ash, communion through laughter, love, and art will prevail over any of last year’s bitter sourness.