car tag by Baxter of California x retaW

The scent masters of Japan and California collaborate…

by Josh Madden

It's an interesting prospect to think that a body wash and candle maker would be heavily watched for new releases and sell out product as if it were sneakers but Japanese scent designers retaW do just that. Our friends at Baxter of California who are fast becoming their US counterpart are also known for developing quality products so it's of no surprise that the two have recently collaborated. The two joined forces to create a car freshening hang tag like no other. What's the big deal you ask? Well you have to smell this thing. The "Galactic Cedar" scent features tones of amber and oak-moss which is literally the air of sophistication. This little wonder is available HERE and we're honest when we say, hanging it at our desk has filled the air with a "out of this world" scent and put us in a heavenly mood.