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Surprise! Cara Delevingne Goes Platinum Blonde

Ice, ice, baby

by Lisa Eppich

Cara Delevingne's long, honey-colored locks are no more. Last night while arriving at a party for Bella Hadid's new Chrome Hearts collection at the Royal Monceau Raffles hotel in Paris, the model stepped out with her entourage to debut a choppy, chin-length bob dyed to a pale ice-white and twisted into a braid on one side. The cut and color were done by Mare Salon in West Hollywood by Nina Kairouz. Set against her sharp features and signature bold, dark brows (which, thankfully, remain untouched), the look is severe, effortlessly cool, and still, so very much on-brand. Alongside her thick black-and-white striped suit, skinny black ankle boots, and black knitted crop top, the whole package kind of makes her look like the gender-swapped Beetlejuice of our dreams. Surely someone can (and should) make that project happen, but we digress.

Earlier this week, Delevingne posted a picture of friend Margot Robbie with similarly white-blonde hair, which could have been her inspiration, or perhaps the two took the plunge together. At any rate, we look forward to seeing more of the model's new style during Paris Fashion Week, though it's always possible that a whole new Cara can jump out at any time. She remains one of fashion's most adored names—and is certainly one of our favorite style icons. Hair today, gone tomorrow: We're happy to go along for the ride.

(Via ET Online)